söndag 10 november 2013

We know where you live (the end)

Emma tells to her friend, Sarah to come home to her. Emma has a plan to get the person who texting her. Sarah is a super nerd she can hack any computer or mobile phone in the world. The plan is to wait to the person text back and then I will call to the phone (Rachel’s phone). If the person answer, Sarah will track the phone and then we know wish address the person is in. The person texted back and we called the person and the person  answered. The person was a he and he tried to fake his voice, I know that fake voice but I don’t remember. Sarah had tracked the phone and the address was Rachel’s house, but if it was Rachel’s phone and it was a man who talked then Rachel is in danger, she don’t have nothing to do whit it. So I called the police and said the address to them then I ran to the house and when I was at the house, know buddy was there. I was sad, but i saw Simon cover his face and walk like nothing happened, then I remembered the fake voice sounded likes Simons fake voice. So I ran and jumped over him and it was a perfect timing for the police to showed up. But why him, why did he text those message. I told him but he didn’t tell me why. 

Next morning I went to Rachel and became friends again. THE END.   

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