onsdag 8 oktober 2014

Oh Africa

Oh Africa 

The song was recorded In 2010 during the world cup. I think he sang it in Africa because the world cup tog place in South Africa.

 Akon sings the song. He sang the song because his african and it’s a great honer that FIFA world cup takes place at your continent.

The text is about Africa that it is a great continent and that it’s a honer to present world cup in Africa. 

I feel happy when I hear the song and a very good feeling inside me thats hard to describe. The feelings take me back in time because I have very good memories from 2010.  

My memories is about 2010 world cup and that summer when I played football with my friends. It was sunny everyday and we played football everyday and we had fun and we eat many delicious fruits and berries for example strawberries, apples, raspberries, corns, cherries and pineapples. Every night I came home me, my dad and brother watched football and eat cake, cookies, pop corn, chips and drank cola. 2010 was my best summer and memories. I think that FIFA world cup 2010 was the best world cup ever, 
even better this year 2014.    

I am very happy that Akon made this song, so I can remember the good memories I had 2010. 


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