onsdag 21 maj 2014

Questions about The Island

I would say that the key themes are most about justice and love. The reason i think this is because the clones are made by technology, but they are still humans and have every rights like everybody else. The clones also have feelings like love. In the movie the doctor say that the clone are programed to not feel love, but still they do, because they are humans like everybody else and have emotions. I think the these themes shows a lot in the movie like, when, Lincoln and Jordan gets closer and closer, when they spend time together and they start kissing in the end, and when Lincoln starting to remember thirty years of his sponsors life and gets stronger emotions for Jordan. 

I think that Doctor Merrick started the facility because, he wanted to show the world that he is a god, and that he can create humans trough technology and he makes tons of money. He makes 5-6 millions dollar for creating one human. I think that the movie is saying, that we should not make clones, because, first, it’s difficult and it’s advance technology. Second, we should live trough nature not trick death by create clones. I’m surprised by the film, because i have never seen a Hollywood film with clones in it.                   

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