torsdag 22 november 2012

Scary story

                                Scary storys

Me and my dad were home and played of curse. When we were done, my dad watched tv. They say that a nwe disease has come, Just two peapol have it in the world. Its a ”Zombie” disease, its mean it gona make you to a zombie. 

The next day my dad become a zombie he wanted to kill me but i run away to a departmet and hide. I traind my self to kill zombie in 12 years. The dead become zombie they come out of the grave yard. 

I was fainely a zombie killer. I wanted that all the kid can have a dad in theri lives ho can play whit them. I run out and shoot some zombie, but when i come out of the hous was i the only suvavirl in the worl no budy was in the city. The zombie eated all the brains.
The worst thing  were thet was also zombie dogs. All the zombie chaceing me, I got panik, but if I give up can the zombie take over the world. I was angry and shoot them, fainely did all the zombie die and now no zombie can take over the world or can they.........? 

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