onsdag 29 januari 2014

Gift DL, CC

1.How do you think the main character felt when she notice that Gift is geting married?  (redhat)
2.What did the main character do when Gift said ”This is Sunni. My future wife.”?  (white hat)
3.When did Gift notice the main character?  (black hat)
4.What was the question Gift asked to the main character that made her happy?  (yellow hat)
5.How can the main character move on when Gift is geting married? (green hat) 

All around the world are many people like the main character feeling, sad and heartbroken, but they don’t have to feel like that, just move on and in a few weeks someone ells sees them and go over and talk to them, and suddenly they are together. I have heard many feel heartbroken because the one they have a crush on or love don't feel the same way. I think that the text (Gift) have a strong connection to the reality. In Sweden you have at least be 18 years old to get married  to someone, Gift was 17 years old and he was geting married. In the text when Gift sees main character he invite her, but he doesn’t know her and it’s the first time he meets her, in the reality people don’t do things like that. 

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