söndag 15 september 2013

Lockies dairy ep 4

Dear dairy! 
Today I mead my teacher angry so my mom came to school to talk to the math teacher. But the sad part was my mom she is sad because we boys all ways disappoint her and she thinks that we have fail her. Then came Vicki and mead mom glad and when I looked at mom she looked like she wanted a girl instead of a boy. Next day I got a math test and I am not good at math but I and Egg find the answer to the test so we took it.  

Next day 
Today is the math test and i got all the answer. After the math test I went to the bathroom to talk whit Egg but Egg didn't cheat but I did. I feel so awful now so i went and said that i cheated to mom and dad and my teacher and it feel good. After school I said to mom I cheat to make her angry so she wants a boy instead a girl but mom told me that she is happy whit her child and she never want them to be girls.     

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