onsdag 21 augusti 2013

Lockies Dairy

Dear dairy! 
Today i moved to Angelus. I wish that i could go back home. The house is awful and it smells nasty. speak of nasty every time my brother Philip sleeps he wet him self. I am stress to go at high school, but i don’t want to tell my mom. When we got to school a where fours to tell my hole name to the teacher, but the best part where that I met a girl, Vicki. When I walk to her I could not say a few words ex. house, my name and dad. At home was everything boring so I went and saw if the rumors  where true and when I say that I mean the wave. The waves was big but the board hit my balls. I had so mush pain that i was hallucinating about Vicki. After a few minutes a guy came to me he helped me up his name was Egg. My family laughed at me at the diner table. After my family laughed at me I went to bed and dream about Vicki.            

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